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  • Indian Postal Guide 1880 April Cover

    Indian Postal Guides of the 19th Century, 1880 – 1897 (19v)


    Postal Guides contain a lot of information which have not been published elsewhere. Unfortunately, the Indian guides are very rare. Apart from the British Library which seems to have an almost complete run into the early 20th century, not many exist elsewhere. I have digitised the physical guides I have in my library. While the…

  • GB 1856.01 Southampton 1s 1d FrontGB 1856.01 Southampton 1s 1d Rear

    1856 | INDIA TO GB


    1856 GB to India | Entire Letter from Madras (1856 Jan) to London via Southampton. Delivery taken by forwarding agent M/s Twining & Co who paid the postage due of 1s and then struck a red 1d, perf 14, stamp and redirected it to the recipient’s address at Regent Street, London. Boxed Madras GPO handstamp…

  • Russia 1855.07 Marseilles 1s10d Exhibit Page

    1855 | INDIA TO RUSSIA


    Wrapper (1855 July) from Calcutta to St. Petersburg, Russia. Sent by Calcutta-based merchants, Schone Kilburn & Co., the letter went via Marseilles to London. There Fred. Huth & Co acted as the forwarding agent paying the postage due of 1s10d and making arrangements to get the letter delivered to Russia. Boxed INDIA, merchant’s handstamp. and…

  • oppo 34

    Square-Rigged Sailing Vessels – The Jonas Hällström Collections


    Do you want to collect/exhibit on thematic topics? This book in the Edition d’ Or series presents Hällström’s multiple Large Gold and Gold exhibits on thematic philately and postal stationery. Hällström is a world-renowned philatelist and a signatory to the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists. The thematic collection is on the history of the Square-Rigged Sailing…

  • Post Offices of the World 1888 (1)Post Offices of the World 1888 (2)

    The Post Offices of the World (Except Germany) 1888


    This massive book of 826 pages contains listing of all post offices in the world except Germany. By this time there were hundreds and thousands of post offices in most major countries including India. This work will benefit, for example, Indian postal history collectors who wish to know where a particular post office was located….

  • GB 1859.07 Marseilles 8a FrontGB 1859.07 Marseilles 8a Rear

    1859 | INDIA to GB STAMPED 8A


    Entire (datelined 16 July 1859) from Calcutta to London stamped 8a which paid the double rate for letters weighing 1/4 to 1/2 oz sent to GB via Marseilles which was effective Jan 1857 to May 1863. Stamps cancelled by a Renouf Type 7 number B/1 obliterator. INDIA PAID (Giles SD20a) handstamp indicating all charges paid…

  • GB 1860.07 Marseilles 6a FrontGB 1860.07 Marseilles 6a Rear

    1860 | INDIA to GB STAMPED 6A


    Wrapper (no dateline; 19 Jul 1860; part wrapper as usual in correspondence addressed to Gladstone & Co) from Calcutta to Liverpool stamped 6a which paid the rate for letters weighing 1/4 oz sent to GB via Marseilles; the rate was effective Jan 1857 to May 1863. Sender’s handstamp FORWARDED BY / GLADSTONE WYLLIE & Co….

  • Wadhwan Benns

    The Stamps of Wadhwan by R. J. Benns


    This work covers the VII stones that were used to print the only issue of the state along with ways to plate these stamps. Apart from this it also covers the postmarks and covers of the state as well as its forgeries. The only book on the state. Very comprehensive. Published in the Series 1…

  • oppo 2

    ITS Stamp News – Run from 1998 to 2017


    This is a large run of this stamp magazine edited by Suraj Jaitley. It was issued from Jan-Mar 1998 to Jan-Mar 2017. A total of 77 issues came out of which this lot contains 64. During the two decades, there were hardly any stamp magazines being printed in India. Hence, this magazine is important since…

  • India Used in Burma (1) Jal Cooper 20230702India Used in Burma (2) Jal Cooper 20230702

    India Used in Burma by Jal Cooper


    The standard and superb handbook on the subject by the master Indian philatelist. While the book INDIA USED ABROAD does cover Burma as well, this book covers the subject in greater depth. The book begins with a short history of the country. This is followed up by early postal history dating back to the First…

  • OverseasLetterRate1OverseasLetterRate2

    Overseas Letter Postage from India 1854-1876 by Col. D. R. Martin and Col. Neil Blair


    This is the definitive and only work of its kind covering the time period from when stamps were introduced (1 Oct 1854) to the introduction of UPU (1876) when postal rates globally were standardised. The book covers, through 9 Appendices and 17 Tables, the routes and rates respectively of mail going from India all over…

  • Fiscal Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely States of India Koeppel and Manners

    The Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely Stamps of India by Adolph Koeppel and Raymond Manners – 3 volumes


    Popularly known as ‘Koeppel-Manners’, this is the complete set of three award-winning books published on the subject – the main volume (red), the supplement (green), and volume II (only one published with dust jacket). Profusely illustrated, very essential for the library of a collector of Indian states fiscal stamps. All hardbound and clean inside. Very…

  • Fiscal Indian Government Fiscal and Judicial Stamps and Stamp Papers including Provincial and Provisional Issues Blatt, Mollah, and Heppel.

    Indian Government Fiscal and Judicial Stamps and Stamp Papers including Provincial and Provisional Issues by Blatt, Mollah, and Heppel


    Published between 2004 and 2008, this is the definitive work on the subject of fiscals of pre-independent and post-independent India. All collectors of fiscals should have a copy. It contains valuations of items too making it a catalogue as well. Hardbound and very well printed on nice quality paper making it a delight to handle….

  • Indian States Travancore Anchel Mooss (1)Indian States Travancore Anchel Mooss (2)

    The Travancore Anchal by Dr. NS Mooss.


    This is the standard handbook on the subject which deals with all aspects of Travancore philately and postal history. See contents pages to understand its vast scope. With 180 illustrations and 3 maps. Hardbound with dust jacket. In very good condition. Free shipping in India.

  • Etiquettes Par Avion By Air Mail Jones (1992) (1)Etiquettes Par Avion By Air Mail Jones (1992) (2)

    Etiquettes: Par Avion – By Airmail by Frank G Jones


    Etiquettes or air mail identification labels arose out of the necessity to identify air post items at the sorting stage, prior to dispatch through the postal systems. The purpose and use of etiquettes was collateral to the development of aviation in general and the carriage of mails in particular. It was seen desirable and necessary…

  • Sold out! Pioneer Rocket Mail Space Mail Hopferwiser (1)Pioneer Rocket Mail Space Mail Hopferwiser (2)

    Pioneer Rocket Mail & Space Mail: Compedium and Catalog by Walter Michael Hopferwieser

    This is the second and latest edition of the book published in 2019 in Vienna on rocket and space mails from across the world from its earliest days onwards (including Stephen Smith’s experiments from September 1934 to December 1944). This is the special edition of the book – about 100 pages arrived at the International…

  • Sold out! Postmarks Cancels Cachets Ernest OehmePostmarks Cancels Cachets Ernest Oehme Contents

    Postmarks, Cancels, Cachets and Obliterators: The Postal History Research of Ernest G. Oëhme

    This massive 550 page print-on-demand book contains the distillation of the work of Oëhme (1914-2003), the great researcher of Indian postal history, rates, rules and regulations, etc. His writings over many decades, published in India Post, the journal of the India Study Circle for Philately, has been compiled together in this book (see contents pages)…

  • Sold out! Cochin Postmarks Pai 1

    Cochin Postmarks and Cancellations by G. B. Pai

    One of the two philatelic handbooks on Cochin, this is the standard work on the postal history of Cochin. The main focus is not on its stamps but its cancellations / obliterators and postmarks. A useful listing of Anchal offices and maps of the state are covered in the Appendix. Includes 10 colour plates bound…