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  • GB 1856.01 Southampton 1s 1d FrontGB 1856.01 Southampton 1s 1d Rear

    1856 | INDIA TO GB


    1856 GB to India | Entire Letter from Madras (1856 Jan) to London via Southampton. Delivery taken by forwarding agent M/s Twining & Co who paid the postage due of 1s and then struck a red 1d, perf 14, stamp and redirected it to the recipient’s address at Regent Street, London. Boxed Madras GPO handstamp…

  • Russia 1855.07 Marseilles 1s10d Exhibit Page

    1855 | INDIA TO RUSSIA


    Wrapper (1855 July) from Calcutta to St. Petersburg, Russia. Sent by Calcutta-based merchants, Schone Kilburn & Co., the letter went via Marseilles to London. There Fred. Huth & Co acted as the forwarding agent paying the postage due of 1s10d and making arrangements to get the letter delivered to Russia. Boxed INDIA, merchant’s handstamp. and…

  • GB 1859.07 Marseilles 8a FrontGB 1859.07 Marseilles 8a Rear

    1859 | INDIA to GB STAMPED 8A


    Entire (datelined 16 July 1859) from Calcutta to London stamped 8a which paid the double rate for letters weighing 1/4 to 1/2 oz sent to GB via Marseilles which was effective Jan 1857 to May 1863. Stamps cancelled by a Renouf Type 7 number B/1 obliterator. INDIA PAID (Giles SD20a) handstamp indicating all charges paid…

  • GB 1860.07 Marseilles 6a FrontGB 1860.07 Marseilles 6a Rear

    1860 | INDIA to GB STAMPED 6A


    Wrapper (no dateline; 19 Jul 1860; part wrapper as usual in correspondence addressed to Gladstone & Co) from Calcutta to Liverpool stamped 6a which paid the rate for letters weighing 1/4 oz sent to GB via Marseilles; the rate was effective Jan 1857 to May 1863. Sender’s handstamp FORWARDED BY / GLADSTONE WYLLIE & Co….