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The Wreck of the Ava and the Unlucky William Farquhar

Published as “The Ava Wreck and the other, unknown, William Farquhar.” The London Philatelist 130 no. 1491 (December 2021)

Wreck of the SS Alma

Published as “Wreck of the SS Alma.” India Post 55 no. 4 whole no. 221 (October – December 2021)

1830 Bengal Rates

Published as “Bengal Postage Rates of 1830: Date of Introduction.” India Post 55 no. 2 whole no. 220 (July-September 2021)

Modern Indian Inland Postal Rates

Published as “Indian Inland Postal Rates 1957-2019.” India Post 55 no. 2 whole no. 219 (April-June 2021)

India Officers’ Letters

Published as “India Officers’ Letters 1868-69.” India Post 55 no. 1 whole no. 218 (January-March 2021)