1859 India-GB via Marseilles stamped 8a


Entire (datelined 16 July 1859) from Calcutta to London stamped 8a. Very Good / Fine with discolorations at places.

8a paid the double rate for letters weighing 1/4 to 1/2 oz sent to GB via Marseilles which was effective Jan 1857 to May 1863.

Stamps cancelled by a Renouf Type 7 number B/1 obliterator. INDIA PAID (Giles SD20a) handstamp indicating all charges paid in India. Datestamps of Calcutta (16 Jul) on rear and London (27 Aug) on front.

Carried by P&O Co.’s steamer Nubia from Calcutta to Suez, overland across Egypt, and then from Alexandria to Marseilles on another P&O steamer. Then, across France and the English Channel to London to Liverpool.