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Pioneer Rocket Mail & Space Mail: Compedium and Catalog by Walter Michael Hopferwieser

This is the second and latest edition of the book published in 2019 in Vienna on rocket and space mails from across the world from its earliest days onwards (including Stephen Smith’s experiments from September 1934 to December 1944). This is the special edition of the book – about 100 pages arrived at the International Space Station with Soyuz MS-08 on 23.03.2018. They stayed there till Soyuz MS-09 landing on 20.12.2018. The copies were postmarked in space with three stamps and signed by three cosmonauts. These pages are now bound into the book. See table of contents of this book running into 550 pages. In new like condition. Published at EUR 150 plus shipping and other costs. Free shipping in India.