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Early Indian Cancellations by Jal Cooper

Published in 1948 this is the classic book on the subject of Indian Cancellations. It is perhaps the most referred to book on the subject and is the one more frequently quoted in auction descriptions, articles, etc. No collector of Indian cancellations can afford to do without this book in his library. Starting from the early pre-philatelic handstruck stamps, the book covers more than 30 different types to the All India Cancellations of the 1873-1884. It also covers “Local” Cancellations, “Railway” Cancellations, “Experimental” PO Cancellations, “Foreign Mail” Cancellations, “Triangular” Postmarks, “District Post” Cancellations, “Town” Postmarks etc.

This is the original book and not a photocopy or later reprint. Hardbound in grey cloth with the original dust jacket, which is quite rare. In very good condition throughout with no markings or writings inside apart from the previous owners name on the front flyleaf.