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Postage Stamps of Japan and Dependencies by A.M. Tracy Woodward

Reprint edition from 1976, the original book published in 1928 is a set of two volumes of a print run of just 100 and has been for a long time the most valuable work on philately for $10,000+ on the rare occasions it comes up in auctions. This book covers the stamps of Japan from 1871 onwards and as mentioned in Robert Spaulding’s (one of the most renowned Japanese specialists) foreword, it is an important and useful work for anyone interested in the early stamps of Japan. Winner of the Crawford medal in 1929. The reprint is of a high quality with the illustrations being reproduced using the finest screen commercially available made to order. Further the quality of the many full-sheet illustrations : was improved by copying from an actual photograph. Finally all the and additions that the author recorded in his personal copy has been included. Almost 600 pages of text plus 243 plates bound in.

Overall, the book is in very good condition. No markings and writings. Very heavy.