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The Work of Jean De Sperati

First published by the British Philatelic Association in 1955 followed by a second edition in 1956, this is the official reprint edition of 1997 by James Bendon. Sperati was perhaps the most famous and skillful of all philatelic forgers. He falsified the most valuable rarities of the stamp world including India. His work was so good that many forgeries were found in collections lying undetected for years. Now sometimes his forgeries realise high values than the normal stamp! His stock of forgeries and as well as all the clichés was bought by the BPA so that it did not fall in the wrong hands. This work was subsequently bought out by BPA as a record of the forgeries Sperati made and how to identify them. This single volume work is easier to use than the original two volume one since the 214 pages of text and the 143 plates are bound together and plates follow each region. While the original work is very expensive, the reprint edition is perhaps rarer than the original!

The book is in new-like condition. Beautifully bound in green cloth. No DJ was ever issued.