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The Philatelic Journal of India, 1900 to 1912

The Philatelic Journal of India – An early run from the golden age.

An early run of 11 volumes from 1900 (Vol. IV) to 1912 (Vol. XVI) lacking years 1909 and 1911 (in latter year only 5 issues came out due to the editor’s illness) from the golden period of this journal. In its heydays, the PJI was the one of the best magazines in the world containing much original research from the founding fathers of Indian philately. The number of pages that the PJI used to contain till 1910 was never bettered ever again; each volume upto then is heavy containing 300-400 pages, some even 450+. Edited by stalwarts like Charles Stewart-Wilson, E. W. Wetherell, C. S. F. Crofton, and B. Gordon Jones during this period, they contain a wide variety of topics on Indian philately.

The volumes are bound in contemporary binding and the binding is on the whole good. The pages are spotless and clean without the usual toning spots and more importantly worm holes! The issue of 1908 also contains bound in the Exhibition Catalogue organised by Philatelic Society of India in that year. The books are ex-library and contain a couple of small library markings on the title pages. On the whole they are of exception quality having resided in Europe for almost the whole period.