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Catalogue of the Crawford Library of Philatelic Literature at the British Library by Edward Denny Bacon

The Crawford Library was the biggest philatelic literature library of all time and this book is the bibliography of the books and journals in the library. It contains all philatelic works published in the 19th and early 20th century and is a valuable source of information. This book is the crowning glory in the career of Sir Bacon, perhaps the biggest philatelist of all time. After the Earl’s death the library was gifted to the British Museum and thence to the British Library, where it now resides. Printed in 1991, this contains three separate works: (1) Bibliotheca Lindesiana Vol VII: A Bibliography of the Writings General Special and Periodical forming the Literature of Philately (1911), (2) Supplement to the Catalogue of the Philatelic Library of the Earl of Crawford, K.T. (1926), and (3) Addenda to the “Supplement to the Catalogue of the Philatelic Library of the Earl of Crawford, K.T.” (1938). The edition includes the British Library shelf marks which permit easy identification of specific items as also the addendum notes of Sir Bacon Limited. It is a limited printing of 500 copies only and is printed on archival paper and Smythe sewn; contains almost 550 pages. Oversized (36 x 27 cms!) and very heavy.

This copy is in clean condition with no markings or writings save some spotting on the front and rear endpapers. Originally published at US$225 twenty-seven years ago, the book is long out of print. For anyone doing research in stamps and interested in checking what philatelic publications on the topic have been published. As also book collectors and lovers.